Money Transfer

The Fastest and Cheapest Way to Money Transfer Overseas. Give your Business and Individuals the freedom of choosing unmatched exchange rates.

Do You Face any of these Challenges ?

  • Complex Transaction Fees.
  • Scarcity of Liquidity.
  • Higher Settlement Time.
  • Secure Delivery Issues.
Solution For Bad Outcomes

Nominal Exchange Rates: Receive more on money transfer with our affordable exchange rates.

Anytime, Anywhere Money Transfer: No border barriers for money transfer.

No Transfer Fees: Send your money in Cheaper and Faster Way to Recipient.

24X7 Customer Support: Unimagined real time customer support in various languages.


Our FxMaster Money Transfer Process

Register for Free: Register with us through Desktop and Mobile App by providing important documents to Sign Up yourself.

Select an amount to Transfer: Select an amount to transfer, we will show exchange fees and comparable rates of our competitors that will definitely give you a chance to save something.

Add Recipient's Details: To Whom you want to transfer, add their details.

Identity Verification: Verify the identity of your Recipient.

Pay Nominal fee for Money Transfer: Pay some nominal equal to zero fee on Money Transfer that you have already compared.

Finally Done: Now you can sitback, we will take care of everything. Money receives notification and SMS will be sent.

We're building a world where each sender and receiver will have incomparable exchange rates.

Why Choose FxMaster;
  • Be completely transparent.
  • Charge as slight as possible.
  • Make money transfer the new normal.