Comprehensive Compliance

FX Master Limited recognizes the importance of having comprehensive compliance procedures in place to detect illicit criminals using our system. We are deeply committed to fighting money laundering and terrorism and In order to fulfil this commitment, we at FX Master Limited have adopted the following measures.

Understand our procedures

We train our staff on a regular basis on understanding and applying anti-money laundering laws and regulations. This training ensures that our staff team as well as our agents are fully aware of existing regulatory requirements and to adopt best practice of anti-money laundering and terrorist financing guidelines.

We have also developed an anti-money laundering manual that provides strict guidelines for our employees and independent agents in the detection of potential money laundering and or any other activities that maybe considered suspicious activities. We are currently implementing a Risk Based Approach in fighting money laundering and terrorism finance.

Secondly, we subject our operations to independent compliance, audit, risk management and legal functions to evaluate our compliance with applicable anti-money laundering laws, rules and regulations. We are continuously striving to enhance our anti-money laundering policies and procedures to meet or exceed applicable laws and regulations; and match international standards.